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Avel Sunreaver, a Royal Assassin to King Stefan Silverwind. This is her fully geared assassin outfit.

Character Name (full name): Avel Sinthia Sunreaver

Age: 21

Race: Sin'dorei (Blood Elf)

Relatives: None, Althought, her Last name is Sunreaver, which is a common last name. She hasn't yet to tell of her relatives or family past.

Mate/Love: None, for we know. She seems atrracted to a Shadowmancer, Brayice.

Position (Alive - Decreased): Alive, Active.

Eye color: Emerald

Skin color: Light Tan

Hair Color: Light Black

Height: 5'6

Weight: 105 lbs

Role: Assassin, Spy, Ninja, etc.

Lore: Avel Sinthia Sunreaver, a young beautiful Assassin, She resides within the Kingdom of Silverwind. She is a 21-year old Sin'dorei. Most of her backround has yet to be confirmed. She is an orphan (We don't know of relatives, yet.) and she is alone. No sign that she is in love or has a lover that is outside the Kingdom. She seems to be attracted to a female Shadowmancer, Brayice. Who also resides in Silverwind. Her colors of most her outfits seem to be Red, Black, and Yellow. Those might be her favorite colors. Her skilled weapons are Katanas and Longbows (As seen in the picture above). She considers herself to be a Lesbian, showing emotions towards females more than males. She also listens to them more. She respects only the Higher ranked males, but to all Females, she is friendly and never shows any sign of Aggrevation, even if the other females are Aggrevated at her. Shes an ongoer. Very active, keeps in shape, shes fit. No signs of any tattoos and/or scars. She does seem to hide her face alot, which indicates she hides something, it might also be because she is an Assassin, she is used to hiding her face. Much is not known deeply on this females Backround. Most will be revealed sooner or later as people get to know Avel.