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    October 31, 2011 by King of Silverwind


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  • Vladimer Lightforge

    Character Name (full name): Vladimer Lightforge

    Age: 49

    Race: Human

    Relatives: Magaroth the Divine (Uncle [mentor], Deceased) Trey Lightforge (Father, Deceased)

    Mate/Love: Courtney Lightforge(Alive, In Lightforge Keep)

    Position (Alive - Deceased): Very much alive

    Eye color: Orange

    Skin color: Tannish white

    Hair color: Gray

    Height: 6' 4

    Lore: Born into a well-off family, Vladimer was always a rambunctious child. As he grew up he got intrested into his faith and family history. His father was in one of the 3 orders of his kingom, The Capital, and severed as a nobel and faithful warrior of light. This intrested Vladimer to a great extent. Months later Trey Lightforge was called upon by his corrupt commander. He was murdered aswell as the rest of his gr…

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