Miadra was a Sin'dori,A blood elf, She was born in silvermoon and she learned how to use weapons when she reached the age of 12,She begins to have the Responsibility to carry a small knife when she reached Fourteen years old,As her family thought about traveling,As they walk in a lot of places and exploring,As the last place she saw her family were in outland,They saw a lot of more Hated enemies and mosters that had killed her father and mother and she made it by herself alone,She then saw a guy with black cloths and shadowy eyes,He decided to take care of her and train her on how to protect herself,It turns out he was a Demonic Assassin in a normal Troll disguise,He haven't showed her his real form till she become twenty years old and learned everything from him,She knew everything about the Demonic and assassination all the time,And she was also suprised to know that she learned how to speak demonic and become a demon,He had some friends to help him turn her into a demon in a female blood elf form instead of the demon real form,So she doesn't get seen by any demon hunter or any demonic trackers,As she then ran away and did all she can to leave outland and reach a place where she can get cared for real,She traveled everywhere Till she became older in age to find a great place to be cared at,Then she found a few kingdoms,She picked the one called "The Kingdom Of Silverwind" Lead by King Stefan Silverwind,As she seems She thinks that his father ruled the place due to his name near his kingdom's name,Then she went and joined and become one of them,But she only joined to become cared and loved by people she shall meet and know,As better life for her will begin in "The Kingdom Of Silverwind" and enjoy the place and time.

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