Ederinn Battlesound
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Title <Title::Psychomancer of Silverwind>
Gender Gender::Male
Race(s) Human
Character class Psychomancer
Affiliation Silverwind
Location Kingdom of Silverwind
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Arthein Shadowbind; Kirin Tor
Alignment neutral good

Ederinn was born in the Hillsbrad Foothills around the second war. When he became three, his mother sent his father away from the house. The child learned to read very early, at the age of five. At the age of six his mother sent him to Dalaran to learn. Until the years, he just learned more of the magic, and two languages but had problems with the community around him. At the age of eleven he started to be worse in the elemental magics. At the age of thirteen they kicked him out of the school. When he arrived at home he found his mother dead. He sworn to find that who killed her. One years of searching he found that who he searched, around the beginning of the third war: An orc blademaster. The battle was hard, and the young wizard was about to die. An undead appeared behind him, takes control over the greenskin with a magic what Ederinn hasn't seen yet. He quickly finished the orc with a spell. Then the undead vanished. Until it he escaped to Ironforge and started a job there as a bartrender. Later, a group broke off from the Scourge lead by Sylvanas, today known as the Forsaken. Ederinn was walking to his new house in Ironforge from the tavern... When entering in the door and locking it his feet started to move and his body sat down on his bed. That undead from the battle came out from the door, told him that he broke off from the Scourge and watched him since a week, readed his diary and wants to teach him to the arts of controlling the enemy. Ederinn accepted that, then they moved secretly to a secret little underground mine. While training, he named those arts as Psychomancy, and named themself as Psychomancers. When he became eighteen, the third war was over and the Lich King was sitting on his icy throne and there was almost peace. Then his master showed him the last test. Taking control over the other, who wins that will be the true master. Ederinn won that mental battle and then, leaving the mine, tried to survive in the wilderness of Stranglethorn, where the mine originally was. Then three years later, around the Fall of the Lich King he was walking in Elwynn Forest, looking for any wolf to kill for food. He found a portal with soliders around it, he walked in and found himself in the capital of Silverwind. Then he joined in that and now serves as its member.