Character Name (full name): Vladimer Lightforge

Age: 49

Race: Human

Relatives: Magaroth the Divine (Uncle [mentor], Deceased) Trey Lightforge (Father, Deceased)

Mate/Love: Courtney Lightforge(Alive, In Lightforge Keep)

Position (Alive - Deceased): Very much alive

Eye color: Orange

Skin color: Tannish white

Hair color: Gray

Height: 6' 4

Lore: Born into a well-off family, Vladimer was always a rambunctious child. As he grew up he got intrested into his faith and family history. His father was in one of the 3 orders of his kingom, The Capital, and severed as a nobel and faithful warrior of light. This intrested Vladimer to a great extent. Months later Trey Lightforge was called upon by his corrupt commander. He was murdered aswell as the rest of his group. Vladimer's Uncle took him in and started to teach him all that he needed to know. His very first story that Magaroth told was the most important of all. It was about The Lightforge, an ancient blade known throughout the family line. Vladimer got more and more intrested into this and asked of its location. Magaroth's responce was a gesture pointed towards Vladimers chest. The commander who killed Trey had returned for Vladimer to end the Lightforge family line. Within Vladimer came the anguish of his forefathers ages ago his soul radianted with blinding light, transforming his sword into the family blade, The Lightforge. This blade contects him to his family through the realm of passage. Vladimer presumed himself to be the most powerful of all. Over a matter of 5 years, Vladimer became a Council Lord of The Capital and a nobel Defender of the King. He spent most of his time meditating by the altar. 20 years later, his king died of natural causes therefor resigning Vladimer of his duty. He set off, hoping to find a new standing of people on Veriil. He ran into a man by the name of Stefan Silverwind at an Elf inn. From this point on, Vladimer knew that he over estimated himself as a warrior of light...