-The roaring of Deathwing is heard overhead.-

-A woman is seen running with her young daughter.-

The woman-"Its ok,Vel hon, we will make it."

-Velinna looks at her mother with pleading and terrified eyes. Her mother pludnges into the entrance of their safe network undergroud that would not be safe for much longer. Velinna trips as the door closes. Barely making it in with her mother.-

The woman.-Ok Vel, we need to move to get your armor on. Then we can get out of here.-

-Vel nods. She runs with her mother and they find their home. Empty and untoched as the left it. Vel quickly gets her armor on while her mother does the same. At that moment whispers are heard and twilight cultists break through the steel door protecting them.-

The woman.-Fel! Velinna go now! I will be right behind you! -The woman charges off against the cultists using her stave and sword to cut them down.

-Velinna whimpers a bit and nods as she runs. She hears her mother scream but she shuts it out smashing the buttons on her gauntlet as the cultsits closed on her position. She wimpered as in a flash she was gone.-



Family-Araicelia (Alive, past, Deceased future.) Xira (Alive past, future deseaced.)Sani Solen(Half-sister present-alive, future-Unknown) Desara Solen,(Blood mother, present-Deceased, future-Deceased) Klei Swiftsride, (Second blood mother, Present-Dying, Future-Deceased) Liera Solen(Half-sister, Present-Alive,Future-Unknown.) Yera Solen (step-mother, present-deceased, Future-Deceased.)

Titles-The insane, The magnificent, the corrupt.

Race-Half-elf/Dawn elf.

The backstory of Lady Velinna stretches to far for words to cover. She has gone through many experiences. Many have tried to have their way with her. Many have tried to kill her. Many have tried to do her wrong. However with Velinna's age, size, reflexes and intellect she was able to escape countless times. Some with help some without. So I will just skip to the good parts and show how she came into silverwind. Her future is constantly changing. In this time line anyways. Expect changes all over her past and future realitives.

-Velinna groans as she opens her eyes. She sees a strange gnome dressed like a troll poking her with a stick. She pushes the sick away and gets up a little wobbly. She looks over her gauntlet and starts fidgeting with it. She hears news of a high elven city being near by. She goes to inspect it to see the city. She looks around in awe. Altough she was half elven she had the appearance of a high elf. She saw a ranger standing there as he spoke with others. When she approached they started to converse. She smiled when she was welcomed with open arms.-